Course Description

INSTRUCTOR: Molly Sturges, Professor of Practice, Art and Ecology

ARTS 389.007 /ARTS 429.007/ARTS 529.007/MA 430.007/MUS 435.007/MUS 535.00/THEA 495.007

Dates: 5/14 – 5/25. M-F, 8-5

In this course students will learn about and engage in socially engaged artistic practices through the creation of individual and group projects, dialogue, readings, and writings. Themes such as collaboration, designing participatory strategies, working with diverse communities, building and sustaining partnerships, cross-disciplinarity, site specificity, facilitation skills, and ethics will be explored.

Throughout the course students will gain familiarity with the following: current practices in the social practice field, historical context, common vocabulary, methodologies and practices for working in a range of environments, and more. Students will be assessed on the basis of their active participation, the clarity and depth of their written and verbal reports, and their degree of understanding of social practice as reflected in their projects, class discussions, and final presentations.

Course Goals:

  • to gain experience in collaborative, interdisciplinary creative practices
  • to become familiar with a range of relational, participatory and collaborative creative projects and artists
  • to make vital links to the wider communities of Northern New Mexico through applied creative practice
    to learn basic skills in the facilitation of creative community engagement

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