Littleglobe Center For Creative Community Engagement

Funded by the McCune Foundation, Littleglobe is a non-profit organization consisting of professional artists from a range of fields. It was developed to encourage collaborative art-making, together with UNM and a range of institutional and community partners. Littleglobe launched The Center for Creative Community Engagement (CCCE) in April, 2012. This non-physical center consists of a training initiative and learning community that fosters a pool of skilled artists and organizers to promote and develop southwest arts-based civic engagement. The CCCE provides practical skill-building residencies courses and workshops for students and community members that expands the base of capable practitioners in the region. It also builds bridges between students, organizers, cultural workers and artists by introducing them to each other, facilitating cross-sector work and doing experiential work in the wider communities of Northern New Mexico.

Littleglobe is aware that significant work of this kind is being done in the southwest and that southwest-based approaches are particularly potent. The breadth, depth and diversity of southwest communities–reflecting centuries of conquest, intolerance as well as cooperation and collaboration between Native, Hispanic, White, mixed-race and other peoples–have generated complex models for effective community engagement. The CCCE draws on the best of these regional, national and international models as well as Littleglobe’s experience with its many community projects. Upcoming workshops include: The Artist as Community Facilitator. Creative Partnerships. Arts-Based Approaches to Exploring Race. Children, Adults & Elders: Community-Building Through Intergenerational Engagement. Self-Care for the Community Practitioner: Avoiding Burnout and Restoring Ourselves. Building Community in the Southwest U.S: An Arts-Based Approach, Building Transition Teams for Community Engagement Work.

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