Dance Legacy: Southwest Project

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Dance Legacy: Southwest Project proposes to build a new way of preparing artists, scholars and educators for a life within and beyond the world of dance. We seek to employ a fully integrated, inter-institutional curriculum for the University of New Mexico dance program including new upper division and graduate courses that provide exchange between UNM and Brown University students, professionals in the field and community members. Central to this program is a robust collaboration with the American Dance Legacy Initiative (ADLI) at Brown University, to give UNM students direct access to ADLI experts in pedagogical innovation and reform. American Dance Legacy Initiative (ADLI) is dedicated to enabling individuals to appreciate and participate in America’s rich dance heritage and recognize it as a cultural asset relevant to all. UNM students gain from professional development and training opportunities, access to contemporary American choreographers, comprehensive immersion in an embodied dance history and a broad range of community interaction through performance, teaching and public forums. Conversely, UNM and the Southwest bring a unique palette of dance elements to ADLI and the field at large, including contemporary Native American/First Nations concert dance and Flamenco. The intent of the project is to break geographical barriers, allowing students from UNM to enter the larger world of dance through immersion on the East Coast and also to reveal the unique artistic climate of the Southwest to the mainstream world of modern dance. We call it, “Ivy League Northeast meets frontier Southwest.”

Project goals:

  • To reach toward the world of professional dance by accessing works of major and emerging professional American choreographers
  • To acquire an “embodied dance history” by learning works from the evolving dance canon
  • To share these works with the community at large in multiple ways, through performance, teaching, and public events
  • To explore, debate and expand the inherently diverse elements that make up American concert dance
  • To create a Southwest center for dance study and events that celebrates American dance modernism. To this end, to become a southwest “hub” that expands the mission of the American Dance Legacy Initiative housed at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage
  • Through all of the above, the intention is to engage the conversation in the field and to have lasting impact on the future of dance education and the art form

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