Arts In Medicine

Founded in 2002, the Arts-in-Medicine Program (AIM), based at the University of New Mexico Hospitals (UNMH), holds the following as its mission: To enhance the healing process by facilitating creative encounters in local, regional, and international medical environments and communities while educating health care professionals and others on the integral role the arts play in wellness and health restoration. Bridging academia and community, art and science, the Arts-in-Medicine Program involves community artists, UNM College of Fine Arts and Health Sciences faculty and students, as well as healthcare professionals, patients, and volunteers from UNMH and the

In collaboration with UNM’s Arts Learning Laboratory and The University of Cape Town’s School of Medicine, AIM is implementing a new project entitled South Africa Meets the Southwest. A significant component of this project is a four-week, transdisciplinary, community-engaged, Arts-in-Medicine course offered in July/August of 2012. The project overall aims to facilitate Community Building and Engagement through a range of creative and artistic activities, collaborative events, presentations, and performances, and at the same time provide a Medical Consultancy Service with emphases on evidence-based practice, good clinical governance, and reflection on practice. Beyond enhancing global awareness and responsible citizenship for UNM students, this program will contribute to the improvement of health services, the introduction of arts into hospice and palliative care, economic development, community building, and improved quality of life for the people of South Africa.

Program Goals

  • Further develop arts and health initiatives both in New Mexico and South Africa
  • Establish ongoing collaborative projects between South Africa and New Mexico
  • Enhance global awareness and responsible citizenship

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